Personal accident cover and car insurance guide

Personal accident cover and car insurance guide
Having the right insurance for you is vitally important as a driver in the UK – and including personal accident cover could help you in case the worst should happen.

When it comes to being prepared for everything that comes with the potential dangers of driving, personal accident cover could be a lifeline for you and your family.

This guide looks at everything you need to know – and how to make a claim.

What is personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover is an insurance policy that provides financial compensation in the event of injuries, disability, or death caused by accidents – and when it comes to car insurance, this can be included in the agreement.

This type of insurance is designed to offer financial support in situations where an individual suffers from an unexpected, unintentional injury when driving or in their vehicle, that impacts their ability to work or results in significant medical expenses.

It also covers the policy holder in the event of death.

What does a personal accident policy cover?

Personal accident cover is commonly an optional extra for drivers looking to take out a car insurance policy.

It can potentially include a financial payout in the event of accidental death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, temporary total disability, various medical expenses, dismemberment, and funeral expenses.

Overall, it is the ultimate cover should the worst possible outcome happen after a collision when driving.

Some personal accident cover policies also have a passenger clause where if they suffer any of the potential injuries or death, will also be covered by the agreement.

What doesn’t it cover?

Although personal accident cover is an important clause to have in your car insurance agreement, it doesn’t cover everything.

Most policies that use personal accident cover will not include all passengers involved in any collision.

Also, it may not cover anyone if the main policyholder isn’t involved.

Some policies also place age restrictions on who can be covered – including those over 18, and those under the age of 16.

Drivers who are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol – or who are not wearing their seatbelts.

In a situation where the driver intentionally causes a collision, their policy is void and they cannot claim for personal accident cover.

For drivers to be able to claim, they will also need to have a valid driver’s licence.

Finally, it cannot be used after a certain amount of time after the incident.

Does my car insurance include personal accident cover?

No, your standard car insurance premium will not include personal accident cover. You will need to purchase it as an optional extra.

It will also vary from company to company – and on what other optional extras you have included.

Should I have personal accident cover?

For a small annual fee, personal accident cover can give you and your family peace of mind in case the worst should happen – so it is advisable to add it to your premium.

It will provide financial support and cover for many incidents that drivers may experience when out driving in the UK.

How to make an injury claim using personal injury cover

If you are involved in a collision when driving, then there are several steps to take to make an injury claim using personal injury cover.

Here is what you need to do to make an injury claim using personal injury cover:

  1. Seek medical attentions and report to the police: Call 999 from a safe place and ask for an ambulance. Then contact the police.
  2. Collect all relevant information: If you are able to take photos and gather contact information for others involved in the incident. Once at the hospital, collect further details here (if the police haven’t already).
  3. Speak to your insurance provider: Notify your provider and provider all the relevant information.
  4. File a claim: Request a claim form and enter the necessary information. You’ll be asked to provider supporting documentation.
  5. Claim assessment: The insurance provider will look over the form and review the details.
  6. Approval: If you are approved, you will receive communication on how, when and how much you will receive as compensation.
  7. Appeal or dispute: They may question some information. This can either be altered or it will lead to further legal action.

When you are looking to add personal injury claim to your car insurance, then speak to your provider.

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