When is my car insurance due?

When is my car insurance due?
All drivers need car insurance to legally drive on the roads across the UK, so making sure that it is in date is very important.

Insurance can also help protect you against large costs to repair a vehicle, as well as giving the driver peace of mind that they are shielded from any potential risks.

Although there are a range of benefits, driving without it can lead to both financial and legal trouble.

This guide looks at how you can prepare yourself for the annual car insurance renewal.

Car insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement for drivers in the UK to be able to be behind the wheel on public roads.

It protects them from large financial repair bills when involved in a collision, or where the driver gets an injury as a result of the incident.

There are a range of car insurance options, and something you should discuss with your provider is what they can offer you in case of an accident.

Premiums are the cost of the coverage for the year and are determined by factors such as age, where the driver lives, how many miles they do annually, type of vehicle and driving record.

Some also offer breakdown assistance and other benefits.

What else do I need to legally drive?

To be able to legally drive in the UK, you will need a few other items other than your in-date car insurance.

A driver will also require a valid driving licence as well as details about a successful MOT, car tax record and for the vehicle to be road legal.

When is my car insurance due?

There are some easy ways to find out when your car insurance is set to expire – and that it needs renewing immediately.

As a driver and/or vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to be aware of the dates of your car insurance policy.

After signing up for car insurance, you will receive your policy documents, and on the first page of the pack, will be the renewal expiry date.

Make a note of the policy number – and you can call the provider at any time throughout the year to check and update any details.

Whoever you have your car insurance policy with, they will also notify you, through emails and letters, of your upcoming renewal. You can call them up to discuss it further, or wait for the auto-renewal if you are happy with the price and have agreed to this format beforehand.

Another way of checking if by looking through your bank statements and look when your payments started – and when they are scheduled to end.

How to check car insurance expiry date?

The best way to check your car insurance expiry date is to call your provider and request the necessary details.

All you will need is your personal details as well as the policy number.

Tips to remember to renew your car insurance

Life can be challenging at times and remembering all the bills and payments that need to be made can be overwhelming – so here are some tips to help you prepare for the annual renewal.

  • In many modern mobile devices, you can set reminders for various important documents in your diary. They can notify you of any upcoming dates.
  • Check your existing emails from your provider are not going to your junk folder. This will mean that you will be notified directly from your car insurance company of when you need to renew.
  • Auto-renewal is an option that you must select. Although it takes away the hassle, it will also likely mean the renewal cost will be more expensive.

It is important that you don’t forget to renew your car insurance, and driving without it can lead to many legal issues, including heavy fines, six points on a driving licence, seizure of a vehicle, or even being disqualified from driving.

Car Insurance FAQs

When can I renew my car insurance?

You can renew your car insurance between 21 and 30 days before your policy expires. This will depend on the company you use – and will be outlined in the documents provided to you after you sign the agreement.

During this period, it is advisable to look for offers from other providers to get the best deal possible.

If you leave it until the last minute, you will likely lose out on these offers and end up paying more to renew.

In the case where your insurance expires, you may need to get temporary car insurance.

Can I drive without car insurance?

According to UK law, to be legally allowed to drive, you will need to have car insurance, a valid driving licence, a valid MOT certificate, and have a road legal vehicle.

What happens to my car insurance if I buy a new car?

There are a few options for drivers who buy a new car, while still having time left on their current car insurance.

They can transfer the existing policy to the new car, which can come with a fee, and is the most popular option.

Drivers can also cancel their existing policy and sign up to a new one. There will be an early exit fee.

What is non-disclosure car insurance?

Non-disclosure is where insurance can be voided by the provider, if the driver doesn’t provide the correct information when they take out or update their policy details.

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