Edinburgh introduces pavement parking ban with a £100 fine for drivers

Edinburgh introduces pavement parking ban with a £100 fine for drivers
Edinburgh has become the first city in Scotland to implement a ban on pavement parking – as of January 29th 2024.

Drivers who do mount the kerb and park will face a fine of £100 from the city council, which will be cut to £50 if paid within 14 days.

The local authorities were given the new powers following an update to the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019.

As a result, parking on dropped kerbs and double parking are banned for all drivers, with the exception of delivery drivers.

Over 5,000 roads were analysed, and local residents were informed of the changes ahead of the starting date.

Highland Council will introduce a ban on pavement parking from 1 February, with several other Scottish councils expected to follow suit in the coming months.

Councillor of Transport for Edinburgh, Scott Arthur said: These new rules are about making our streets safer and more accessible for everyone, in particular those with visual impairments or mobility issues.

"I am proud that Edinburgh is leading the way on enforcing the ban, and that all political parties here agree that no street should be exempt.

"I would expect everyone to adhere to the new prohibitions, but we'll continue to monitor streets across the city to make sure the impacts on the wider network are minimal."

The RAC advises that drivers outside of Edinburgh and London (where similar rules are in place), people should use common sense when faced with no other option but to park on the pavement.

If you are parking along a narrow road, where parking wholly on the road would stop other cars, and particularly emergency vehicles, from getting through, then it is a sensible option to park partially on a pavement, providing there are no parking restrictions and providing you are not blocking a wheelchair user or pram from using the pavement.

If there are restrictions, or your parking would cause wheelchair users or people with prams to have to walk into the road, then you should find somewhere else to park.

What do you make of the announcement by councillors in Edinburgh? Leave your opinions in the comments below.

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