M25 set for third weekend closure in July

M25 set for third weekend closure in July
National Highways has confirmed that part of the M25 in Surrey will be closed from 12th to 15th July.

It is the third scheduled closure of the year and is a part of the £317 million improvement project.

The motorway will be closed between junctions 10 and 11 from 9pm on the 12th and will reopen at 6am on the 15th. It will also be closed in both directions.

Junction 10 is being closed so construction and installation of a new bridge on the western gyratory of the roundabout can be built.

Long delays are expected, and travel in the area should only happen if absolutely necessary. There are diversion routes on A roads in the area.

Two more weekend closures are scheduled for later this year.

National Highways said in a statement regarding the closures: “We’re grateful to all drivers who avoided previous closures and completed their journeys in other ways. We urge you to do the same again.

“If you do travel, expect delays and please leave a lot of extra time for your journey.”

RAC Breakdown spokesperson Alice Simpson said: “With most drivers following the official advice, major congestion was averted during previous M25 closures and there’s no reason why the same can’t happen this time.

“Drivers should follow the signed diversion routes which have been designed to keep traffic flowing as much as possible.

“It’s worth remembering that the closure coincides with the finals at Wimbledon, so anyone planning on driving to this should anticipate a far longer journey or look at whether there’s a viable public transport alterative.

“For anyone who needs to drive – whether that’s to get to an event or to one of the London airports – checking their vehicles are ready for a longer trip is really important.

“Breakdowns can quickly lead to traffic queues, and it’s often the case that roadside patrols including our own end up sitting in jams trying to reach people.

“Ensuring oil and coolant levels are where they need to be, and checking tyres are in good condition and properly inflated, can dramatically reduce the prospect of breaking down in the first place.”

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