Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ): Everything you need to know

Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ): Everything you need to know
The Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) was introduced in June 2023 to cut air pollution by banning drivers of older and more polluting vehicles from travelling through parts of the city.

Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Glasgow’s LEZ is designed to improve public health and reduce the number of deaths that are linked to harmful emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles.

Drivers of non-compliant cars and vans are not permitted to enter the Glasgow LEZ, which makes it very different from the pay to drive model used by the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the Sheffield Clean Air Zone (CAZ).

What is the Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and why do we have it?

Glasgow City Council needs to reduce the levels of harmful vehicle emissions in the city centre, stating “these can cause health problems, particularly for those most vulnerable.”

Banning older and more polluting vehicles from entering the city centre is one of the quickest way to improve air quality and reduce the level of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in the air.

Before introducing the LEZ, the council says it “widely consulted and engaged with the public and key stakeholder groups. This includes hosting events and writing out directly to those most affected, such as zone residents.”

Where is the Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ)?

The Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) includes the city centre and is enclosed by the M8 motorway in the north and the River Clyde in the south.

Vehicles travelling on the M8 aren’t affected LEZ fees, but the one-mile boundary of the Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) does include dozens of streets within Blythswood Hill, Townhead and Merchant City.

Glasgow Caledonian University, the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde are also within Glasgow's LEZ. 

Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Map

What cars are allowed in the Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ)?

Only vehicles that meet the minimum emission standards are permitted to enter the Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

These vehicles include:

  • Electric cars and vans
  • Petrol vehicles that meet Euro 4 emission standards
  • Diesel vehicles that meet Euro 6 emission standards

You can check if your vehicle is compliant with Glasgow's LEZ rules by using Low Emission Zone Scotland vehicle checker.

Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) exemptions

There are a few exemptions to Glasgow's Low Emission Zone (LEZ), which means you may be able to drive a non-compliant vehicle into the zone without being hit with a penalty charge.

These LEZ exemptions include: 

  • Blue Badge drivers and passengers
  • Taxis and public hire vehicles
  • Residents who apply for a grace period for their non-compliant vehicle until 31 May 2024
  • Owners of historic vehicles or machinery transports

Will I be fined for not paying the Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charge?

Yes, non-compliant vehicles will be subject to a penalty charge notice for driving in the Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Penalty charge rates are designed to punish drivers who repeatedly ignore Glasgow's LEZ rules. As a result, the fee doubles for each subsequence breach of the rules.

A first breach of the rules in a car or light goods vehicle will result in a £60 fine, which will be reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days.

A second breach will result in a £120 fine, while a third breach will be £240. A fourth breach will result in a £480 fine, which is the capped limit for car drivers.

Take note, paying the penalty charge early doesn’t prevent the next fine from increasing.

How do I pay a Glasgow Low Emission Zone (CAZ) penalty charge?

A CAZ penalty charge can be paid online via the Glasgow City Council website. Paying the charge within 14 days will result in a 50% discount.

How do I appeal a Glasgow Low Emission Zone (CAZ) penalty charge?

You have the right to appeal a Glasgow Low Emission Zone (CAZ) penalty charge if you think it is unfair or has been made in error. You can make your appeal online.

If the council rejects your appeal then you can request for a the matter to be considered by an independent adjudicator.

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