Parisians vote in favour of tripling parking fees for SUVs

Parisians vote in favour of tripling parking fees for SUVs
Following a historic vote on Sunday 4th February, the people of Paris have chosen to triple the parking charge fees for some SUVs across the city.

In total, 54.5% of Parisians votes in favour of increasing the price for parking for cars who weigh more than 1.6 tonnes.

However, only 5.7% of voters turned out for the referendum.

Voters had to decide if they were ‘for or against the creation of a specific rate for the parking of heavy, bulky, polluting individual cars?’.

As a result, the cost to park at SUV in central Parisian districts for drivers who do not have a special licence from local authorities will now need to pay €18 (£15) – compared to €6 (£5) per hour for smaller vehicles.

The Paris local council stated that parking will increase exponentially for SUV driver.

Current residents will not be affected by the changes – and neither will tradespeople, health workers or those with disabilities.

The vote was organised by Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who is looking to create a ‘greener’ city ahead of the Olympics.

Hidalgo also accused SUVs of being dangerous and bad for the environment.

In fact, this is the latest step by Hidalgo has taken to update the city.

Over the last decade, she has introduced a cycle lane network and has pedestrianised many areas of the French capital.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo said after the results were made public: "We're proud of having posed an eminently environmental question at a time the environment is presented as the source of all evil.

"It is a form of resistance here in Paris to this very concerning movement."

What do you make of the vote? Would you like to see something like this be introduced in cities across the UK? Leave your comments below.

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