Are hydrogen cars back on the agenda for 2024?

Are hydrogen cars back on the agenda for 2024?
The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada – and the future of hydrogen energy in the automotive sector has been one of the leading stories to come out of the event.

With the industry making efforts to reduce emissions, as well as the rise of the popularity of electric vehicles, manufacturers and drivers are looking at greener alternatives for the future of driving.

CES 2024 has seen two of the leading automotive and electronics manufacturers showcase hydrogen energy in their upcoming vehicles.

South Korean company Hyundai signalled to attendees that they were working towards a ‘hydrogen society’ by expanding its facilities to cope with a growth in energy production, storage, and transportation.

At the CES 2024 showcase, Hyundai Motor announced that it would expand HTWO, its existing fuel cell brand, into the Group's hydrogen value chain business brand, and announced a 'HTWO Grid' solution that will accelerate the transition to a hydrogen-powered future.

Below is the video the company showed at CES 2024:

Surprisingly, the second company promoting the future of hydrogen energy in the automotive sector, is German tech company Bosch.

Bosch is driving forward the electrification of its technologies and solutions for sustainable energy use, and sees hydrogen as a key part of this strategy.

In fact, Bosch announced at the 2024 event that they will be launching their first combustion energy engine later this year.

Tanja Rückert, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas said: “To help us meet our future global energy needs in a more resource-efficient way, we at Bosch are rethinking energy use and focusing on a two-pronged approach: electrification and hydrogen.

"For a low-emissions future, we are optimizing the use of traditional energy sources by driving forward electrification in mobility, commercial buildings, and homes. And we are tapping into new, sustainable energy sources – with hydrogen playing a central role."

Do you think hydrogen is the future of motoring? Leave your comments below.

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