‘Groundbreaking’ manufacturing deal could lead to production of world’s first flying car

‘Groundbreaking’ manufacturing deal could lead to production of world’s first flying car
A Slovakian-based developer has announced that its ‘world's first certified flying car – the AirCar’ – has begun plans to enter into production.

The ‘groundbreaking’ deal between KleinVision and Chinese company Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Co., LTD, will lead to a geographically limited license for the production of the state-of-the-art certified flying car technology.

This licensing agreement grants the Chinese company exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute certified flying cars utilising KleinVision's technology within a specific geographical region.

Stefan Klein, Chairman of the Board at KleinVision, said: "We are pleased to announce the sale of the license for our certified flying car technology to the esteemed Chinese company."

Anton Zajac, co-founder of the company continued: "This partnership represents a significant step in our mission to expand global access to revolutionary mobility solutions and drive progress in the industry."

The deal was signed for an undisclosed amount and marks a historic step towards making flying cars a reality.

The AirCar is powered by a BMW engine and uses normal fuel. It takes around two minutes to transform from a car to an aircraft.

Since its initial public test in 2021 – as seen in the video above – it has been endorsed by the crew of Amazon Prime’s Grand Tour – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, as well as YouTuber Mr Beast.

Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company is based in Cangzhou, China and will now build its own airport and flight school to help develop the AirCar.

Will we see flying cars in the UK?

Earlier this month, the Government announced plans for the ‘age of the flying taxi’ – where the aim is for them to be available by the end of the decade.

Announced by the Department for Transport (DfT), the Future of Flight Action Plan sets out a roadmap for electric aircraft in the UK.

It details plans for the first piloted flying taxi flight by 2026 and regular services by 2028, regular drone deliveries across our skies by 2027 and demos of autonomous flying taxis without pilots on board by 2030 – transforming how people and goods are transported.

Aviation and Technology Minister, Anthony Browne, said:  “Cutting-edge battery technology will revolutionise transport as we know it – this plan will make sure we have the infrastructure and regulation in place to make it a reality.

“From flying taxis to emergency service drones, we’re making sure the UK is at the forefront of this dramatic shift in transportation – improving people’s lives and boosting the economy.”

The aim is to create ‘vertiports’ – mini-airports for drones and electric aircraft that take off vertically.

According to the report, the Government will achieve this by developing certification standards and reviewing the use of existing infrastructure across the UK.

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