FairCharge launches 'Little Book of EV Myths' to tackle electric vehicle misinformation

FairCharge launches 'Little Book of EV Myths' to tackle electric vehicle misinformation
FairCharge, supported by the RAC, has published 'The Little Book of EV Myths', which tackles 21 examples of electric vehicle misinformation.

As the UK looks to make the transition to electric cars in the years ahead, the book highlights the importance of the facts around the EV industry – and what drivers can really expect when they own one. 

The Little Book of EV Myths is available to download for free.

Created by FairCharge founder – motoring journalist and TV presenter – Quentin Wilson, the digital book is intended to settle some of the most common EV arguments by gathering the UK's most embedded EV myths and using facts and data to set the record straight.

EVs have been on our roads for over a decade now with billions of battery-only miles already travelled, so there’s plenty of real-world data available. If you're interested in all the myths and misinformation that have been written, posted and broadcast about electric cars over the years and want to find out why these aren't true, then you'll find this book very useful.

Topics covered in the book include EV fires, pollution, electric car costs and range. The book also examines the mining of materials for EV batteries and the impact electric vehicles have on the UK grid.

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Each month, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) releases the registration figures for vehicles in the UK.

In January 2024, the millionth new EV was sold in the UK. And the latest SMMT data shows around one in five new vehicles sold in the UK are electric.

The book outlines the growing success of EVs, and highlights that in the 2024 report on EV strategy from The House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee, that the Government has made ‘a concerted campaign of misinformation about EVs in recent months’.

Alongside the RAC and FairCharge, there were many organisations that have helped put this book together.

They include the SMMT, Zap Map, Tesla, Carbon Brief, International Council on Clean Transportation and the Association of British Insurers.

The National Grid, House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee, Energy Transition Commission and the National Transportation and Safety Board were also among the many organisations that contributed. 

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