Sharp rise in fixed penalty notices issued over changes made to Highway code over two years ago

Sharp rise in fixed penalty notices issued over changes made to Highway code over two years ago
Highway Code changes that were made in January 2022 over the priority given to pedestrian and cyclists at junctions have seen a rise in fixed penalty notices (FPNs) issued to drivers.

New figures released by the Home Office have shown that the number of FPNs soared by a third over the 12 month period.

As a result, FPNs issued to offenders almost doubled in 2022.

On January 29th 2022, the Government announced creation of a new ‘hierarchy of road users’ that ensures those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others.

Following the announcement, the highest priority went to pedestrians, then cyclists and horses, followed by drivers.

The updated rules also included information on new safe passing distances. This covered more specific rules about giving more space to pedestrians, horses, and cyclists.

Home Office data from 2022 showed that FPNs issued to drivers for ‘neglect of traffic signs and directions and of pedestrian rights’ increased from 78,900 in 2021, to 105,500 a year later.

This represented a surge of 33.8%.

Furthermore, road casualties throughout 2022 increased by 7% on the previous year, with 30% of total pedestrian deaths occurring at junctions.

Another change to the Highway Code rules closed a loophole used drivers who were using their mobile devices while behind the wheel.

Further analysis of the 2022 data showed that 37,900 FPNs were issued over mobile phone usage – an increase of 93%.

The RAC carried out a survey of drivers over the changes to the Highway Code.

What do you make of the changes to the Highway Code? And do you see drivers adhering to the new rules issued by the Government? Leave your comments below.

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