Fed up with potholes? Help map the state of the UK’s roads to make things better

Fed up with potholes? Help map the state of the UK’s roads to make things better
With figures showing drivers endured a third more pothole-related breakdowns last year compared to 2022, the RAC has joined forces with the developers of a new free mobile app that captures the location of potholes and other road defects while you drive, so councils know exactly where the problems are that need fixing.

Stan – which is available for both Apple and Android devices – uses a smartphone’s in-built camera together with cutting-edge computer vision technology to automatically identify road defects, such as potholes, with remarkable accuracy. All of this is done safely with the phone in a cradle, meaning there is no need to interact with it.

The more drivers using the app, the more accurate a picture will be formed of just how bad some of the UK’s roads really are. Data collected by drivers is passed to councils in the hope they will prioritise road repairs more effectively. What’s more, the RAC will use this data, along with its own, to put pressure on councils to fix their roads and to argue for greater government spending on road maintenance. With RAC data showing the cost of repairing a family car after hitting pothole can be as much as £460, there’s never been a more urgent time for the roads to be brought up to a decent standard.

Over time, the data collected by drivers will allow anyone to check the condition of roads anywhere in the UK. Here is the latest map – roads marked red are in the worst state, and those in green are in the best state:

RAC head of policy Simon Williams said: “We already know the number of times our members break down as a result of hitting potholes every month, but now for the first time, drivers can play their part in creating a true picture of the state of the country’s roads just by having the Stan app running discreetly while they drive. Accurate data like this complements our own pothole-related breakdown information perfectly, and is invaluable to councils, policymakers and indeed the Government as it shows the true scale of the UK’s pothole problem.

“We encourage as many drivers as possible to download and use the app as it will help in our mission to get the roads we all depend on back up to a more acceptable standard.”

Drivers’ concern about the state of the roads – what the figures show

Last year, as in many previous years, the state of the country’s local roads – those that councils are responsible for – was drivers’ top overall motoring concern according to the RAC Report on Motoring. In fact, drivers' anger with the state of these roads hit an eight-year high in 2023.

What's more, the same research found that drivers believe the standard of local roads is deteriorating at an accelerating rate, as the chart below shows:

Find out more and start using the free app today by visiting the Stan the App website. The app has been developed by Metricell.

Please note: when you download and use the Stan app, you’ll be sharing data directly with Metricell rather than RAC and you’ll need to accept their terms and conditions.