What to do when you lose your licence in Europe?

What to do when you lose your licence in Europe?
Driving in Europe can be an amazing experience for drivers and their families who are looking to travel across the continent – but it is important to have your driving licence with you.

Depending on what countries you are travelling through, you will likely need other important documents, vignettes, and clean air zone stickers.

However, if you lose your UK driving licence, then it is vital that you know what the next steps are, so that you can continue your journey – or travel back home.

UK driving licence in Europe

Millions of Brits travel to continental Europe every year for business or holiday – and if they are looking to drive, then they will need to have their UK driving licence with them at all times.

In most European countries, a UK driving licence is still valid for short visits.

This typically means that you can drive for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Along with other important documents, they must be kept in your vehicle – no matter if it is a rental car or you have driven into Europe.

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If you are looking to drive for more than the 90-day limit, then you will need to speak with the embassy or consulate for the nation you are travelling to.

Lost or stolen driving licence in Europe

If you are a Brit who is driving in Europe and have your driving licence stolen – or you have lost it – then you will need to contact the local police, as well as the British Embassy in that country.

Drivers who have lost their driving licence could also contact the local consulate and explain the situation.

The embassy or consulate will then contact the relevant authorities in Britian and in the country you are travelling in to check that your driving licence is in date and valid.

Once the local authority is satisfied, you will be given a provisional driving licence, which will allow you to get back home. If you are travelling in multiple countries, you will likely need to go through this process in each embassy. This rule can be different in each EU member state.

Drivers can only apply for a replacement driving licence in the nation they have residency in.

European Breakdown Cover

European Breakdown Cover

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