Tesco fuel prices

Find and compare the latest Tesco petrol and diesel prices with RAC Fuel Watch. 

Fuel Watch monitors wholesale prices – those retailers pay – and pump prices daily, covering the UK’s biggest supermarkets.

Check out the latest Tesco petrol and diesel prices and compare them with Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons to find the cheapest fuel near you.

Latest Tesco fuel station prices

The prices below are the latest available average unleaded petrol and diesel averages across all Tesco locations in the UK, and are updated daily where data is available. Data is provided without warranty.

There are currently over 500 Tesco fuel stations across the UK.

Tesco petrol prices

Tesco diesel prices

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Free to download from Google Play or the App Store, the myRAC app features a Fuel Finder feature that makes it easy to find the cheapest petrol and diesel prices near you. 

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About Tesco fuel

Tesco is one of the UK's largest biggest motor fuel retailers. According to Petrol Retailers Association Market Review 2024, Tesco has over 500 forecourts which provides a total UK market share of 15.5%.

Tesco started selling petrol and diesel in 1973, introducing fuel forecourts to its major sites.

All petrol and diesel sold by Tesco is required to meet strict UK and European standards.

Tesco sells its own branded fuel and its premium Momentum 99 petrol contains cleaning additives, designed to optimise your vehicle’s fuel system. Tesco also sells high octane petrol (99 compared to 95 for regular unleaded petrol), which is designed to optimise engine performance.

Most Tesco Petrol Filling Stations across England, Scotland, and Wales stock Momentum 99. Around half of all Tesco fuel forecourts have a car wash, while 96% of sites have a shop.

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